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The following is a digital exhibition of the thesis work of

Hanneke van Deursen

Syracuse University School of Architecture


This page serves as your introductory pamphlet,

offering a way into the project and

a guide to the exhibition

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This is an exhibition about the city, or at least about something that simulates the city.

Hanneke van Deursen Canary Wharf Truth Games Architecture

It stems from a fascination with the built environment—its ability to shape our very perception of our world. 

Hanneke van Deursen Exhibition Truth Games Architecture

It stems from a conviction that the city is something to be decrypted.

Something which can be unmasked.

Hanneke van Deursen Truth Games Architecture Canary Wharf

This exhibition analyzes Neoliberalism, and architecture as its active agent: not only constructing space, but constructing subjectivity within that space.

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Before you come in,

there are 3 things you should know.

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First, let's talk about the title, it's a lot. Hover over to unpack it.

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Second, there are three places you should know.

Shiny, tightly-controlled and inexplicably sterile, these sites begin to unravel the Truth Games at work in the city

Hover over to see more.

KvZ Site Plan Crop copy.png

Deploying the View to Naturalize:

The Depoliticized Individual

Kop van Zuid

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Public / Private initiative to raise housing values in Rotterdam

Canary Wharf

London, England

Privately-owned office development built as London's new financial center

CW Site Plan Crop.png

Deploying the Simulacrum to Naturalize:

The Uncritical Laborer

HY Site Plan Crop.png

Deploying the Experience to Naturalize:

The Entertained Consumer

Privately-owned neighborhood developed as an elite NYC lifestyle experience

Hudson Yards

New York, USA

These places are not cities,

though they are city-like 

I call them:

as they take on a utopian imaginary of the

ideal city according to the market

Capital Imaginaries are islands in

the city made possible by Neoliberal policy:

tax breaks, visa incentives, special enterprise zones

It is within these islands of raw and exaggerated capital that Truth Games, typically obscured,

float at the surface and begin to expose themselves.

The exhibition interrogates these spaces in order to uncover their Truth Games and

re-represent the city without its veil.

Anchor 5

And this brings us to the final thing.

This is a project of representation

using Capital Imaginaries to uncover in the seemingly banal and everyday

the Truth Games which sneak their way

into Mental Conceptions about ourselves

our relations to others

and the space in which we exist

It is an experiment through modes of reading the city

which involves






All in an effort to see again

what is right in front of us.

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Truth Games

Naturalizing the Neoliberal Subject


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